Shopbop Fall Sale

Shopbop stock up sale! Picked some of the best of the sale for you. Some items are definitely an investment, but this would be the time to buy with up to 25% off. 💓

1. These boots are the perfect western style that are still wearable and would look perfect with some straight jeans.

2. Okay I will jump on the shoulder pad t bandwagon, you should too.

3. MOUSSY jeans. These are the perfect vintage vibe.

4. A cream dress that would be perfect for a fall church day.

5. I’ve heard the best things about this T. Love the white as well!

6. A perfect pearl bracelet.

7. This dress is not only beautiful but looks so comfortable.

8. A beautiful blazer perfect for fall. Pair with vintage jeans and some chucks.

9. Platform Oxfords

10. I’ll never be behind the no white after Labor Day thing. This dress is perfect.

11. Have a thing for platform. Platform chucks are no exception.

12. Ruffle button down shirt

13. The sleeves and the print on this dress!

14. Swiss dot blouse

15. Perfect length on these Levi’s shorts

Don’t forget to enter the code Fall20 for up to 25%off 💓

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