Quarantine thoughts and a happy playlist.

Hello!  Writing to you from week 8 of quarantine.  I almost feel like I’m in a real life alternate universe and I’m sending out communication via remote radio tower to the outside world or something.  K, that’s dramatic but I’m sure you know how I feel.  Guys, what.a.rollercoaster!  When this all first made its way into our life I started out basically in denial of what was going on.  Then quickly moved into a state of fear and constant sanitation of doorknobs along with the rest of my house.  For a few weeks I felt like I held things together pretty good.  Logan was working LONG hours at work and it was hard for us both but doable.  And then the last few weeks in our personal lives this thing really took its hit and we were left feeling pretty shocked and confused.  Whether it be a good or bad thing Logan and I have both been through some pretty tough trials and so we kept saying to each other “well at least this isn’t as bad as that”… “right?”  Not sure if that’s a good mind set.  Like “Things could always get worse” isn’t exactly a quote you’d like to have hung up on your wall.  But here we are.  And I must say this whole Covid/quarantine has changed my mindset in a positive way for the future.  For whatever our new normal may be.

I’ve always been an introvert but I love friends.  I love getting out and I love connecting with people.  Usually small groups are more my jam.  And I miss it, and I won’t take getting out for granted.

I love creating.  I love taking photographs.  Baking.  Styling.  Painting.  and I haven’t been doing it much.  I think given this current situation I have just not been feeling excited about life in general and therefore I just haven’t felt the creativity flowing.  But I’m certain that no matter my situation (even in quarantine) I feel happier and more joyful about life when I am instilling my passions into my everyday life.  I picked up my film camera this week and have had a lot of fun shooting around my house and on walks with my family.

To sum up my thoughts on how my perspective has changed for the future.  Its basically that no matter what happens TO me, I am going to remember to BE myself, remember my passions and what makes me, me.  And move into the future with gratitude for what I am, those I have around me to share in the joy of this life, and the things I have been blessed with.  Such as good health, beautiful walks, new recipes, watching my baby learn to walk.  And determination to hang on to these things always.

Hoping you’re all well!  I linked a May Playlist I made.  It’s full of some really good music.  It made me happy making it and maybe it will make you happy to listen as well. 🙂






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