Friday Ramblings – Picking out our tree

Last week we went to get our tree from the tree lot closest to our house.  I had the best time watching Logan and Gem play hide and seek in the trees and smell each and every tree to see which one had the best pine scent, ha.  Logan is VERY adamant about having a real tree in the house for Christmas and he’s totally made me the same.  I grew up with a faux tree and didn’t think anything of it but the real deal just makes the house feel super cozy.   Gemma kept saying “it looks like a forest in here!” When we brought the tree home haha.  We’ve been married 6 years and I have yet to buy a tree skirt so our trees just sort of hangin out on her own in the corner but the twinkle lights and shiny ornaments make it all good.


This season has already been so fun with a three year old.  She says the most hilarious things and she’s just all around super stoked about every aspect of the holiday.  She asks if its Christmas every day.  We introduced her to those old school Christmas cartoons and ever since she is convinced we need to go to the snow so she can put a hat on a snowman and it can come to life.  I seriously love her so much and she is just full of energy, laughs and really great poses for photos (see below).

tree lot

We’re all kind of in disbelief that there are only 7 more weeks until babies due date.  When you’re chasing a toddler around it definitely helps with the checking off of the days/weeks.  But believe me I am still VERY aware of how long I’ve been prego and when this baby is supposed to arrive haha.

Cooley family 2018christmas 2018

Last year at this time Logan and I were in Europe for 10 days and although we had such a great time we felt like we didn’t really get to soak up Christmas time so I’m really going for it with all the christmasy things.  I’ve been trying to get shopping done early so I can relax with family the last bit of December so we’ll see how that goes.  I’m attempting a semi-homemade Christmas present for Gemma that migggghhhttt take a lot longer than anticipated, but still so excited to put it together for her.

6G4A0751tree lot 201812:2018

Christmas is totally magical and the only thing that would make this season a little better would be if baby girl had already made her arrival so we could love on her.  Happy Holidays!


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